I work with my clients to create the space for what they want most in their lives.  I do this in two ways. First, working to organize their external spaces that they recognize are not helping them feel their best and live their best lives. Second, through my understanding of energy and its delicate entwinement with everything.  I work with people on prioritizing what space is cleared externally allowing space internally to be explored, allowing powerful and positive energy shifts to take place.


We all have what we call “Incompletes” in our lives. The garage that needs to be cleaned, the closet that can’t hold one more sweater, and that friend that we call next week. Each time we allow an “incomplete” to sit in the spin cycle; never removing it from our to do list is a huge energy drain. It can cause worry, anxiety, sadness, and even low self esteem. Sometimes it can feel impossible to even know where to begin and what is causing the most energy drain.  That’s where I come in.  I will work with you to sort out what should be a priority in helping you clear unorganized spaces with maximum benefit to your energy levels.

“It’s not unusual for me to hear huge sighs of relief after consultations and sessions. My clients know they are in good hands, that there is HOPE for positive changes and there is someone cheering them on all along the journey.”